Last Thoughts on “Superman Returns”

Shattered S movie logo

The more I think of “Superman Returns” the less happy I am with it. The character portrayed in this movie is not an acceptable version of the comic book superhero who stands for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” Maybe that’s one reason they didn’t use that line in the film but chopped it down to, “… truth, justice and all that stuff.” (More probably, as has been suggested by other bloggers, it was to keep from damaging the foreign box office in the increasingly large numbers of countries that don’t like America these days.)

Today it seems that the ultimate thumbs up or down on a film is; A. will you pay to see it more than once, to get that “big screen” experience, B. will you add it to your DVD collection six months (or sooner) down the road when it first comes available for purchase and C. will you, in a year also buy the “expanded, collectors edition of the same movie when it comes out on DVD.

No, I won’t. I won’t pay to see it again, I won’t have it on my shelves and I look forward to the time when the memory fades of everything except the special effects super-power sequences. That’s where the 200 million dollars (or whatever was the actual cost) were spent (certainly not the dialogue and the plot) and those are the only things worth remembering.


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