Smallville’s New Age JLA?

I guess I’m just too “silveraged” to be accepting of “Smallville” and their campaign to use the show to try and launch as many other JLA character shows they can think of, so far unsuccessfully. While it is a tried and true story device of the Silver Age to have the heroes of the JLA meet as teens or toddlers the once WB now CWs attempts just don’t ring true to me. Why? Because all these other guys are getting their crusading act together well before Clark can get his own direction settled! And to have Green Arrow/Oliver Queen be the one to hang around for more than one episode to “guide” Clark down the path to spandex hero-dom? Puhlease! GA is the member of the JLA (in the comics at least) to whom I’ve always always thought Superman would pay the least attention. Except that Superman is the ultimate boy scout and he’d be polite to everyone – but as far as what GA brings to the JLA table? A bow and arrow and a good targeting eye!

Also there’s the whole Superman as the inspiration for all the other costumed vigilantes. But then, that went by the wayside a loooong time ago


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