New Dolls, err – Action Figures!

I’ve been seduced by some of the Alex Ross “Justice” action figures. The first one I bought was the Black Canary to replace in my JSA line up the awful Neal Adams version of several years ago. (A friend asked if I’d be buying the AR Zatanna doll – tempting but I think this one satisfies my fish net stocking fetish for dolls.

The next one I bought was the Hawkman to place in my JLA line up (see earlier posts for pimp helmet thread) but I finally acquired another Hawkman/Hawkgirl boxed set so the JLA line up is now in more or less correct aspect ratio.

So now the AR Hawkman is on a different shelf along with a growing AR compliment. (Superman and Aquaman are on the way after ebay purchases.)

And now, after years of waiting I can add to the JSA 40s era cast with the original Atom.

Of course this was two pack so I placed the newer old Atom costume on the shelf with the JLA related dolls that I don’t actually think of as the classic line-up (the original ten).


4 Responses to “New Dolls, err – Action Figures!”

  1. I love the Alex Ross DCD, btw where did you get those clear palstic stands ?

  2. I love the ones with the SG figures, especially Daniel and the power battery. Fun.

  3. Thanks Shelly, you were the inspiration!

    Kastor; the clear plastic stands are actually the lids from clear plastic rectangular boxes I bought at a local craft store (Michael’s). I marked where the feet go then drilled holes on either side with the Dremel tool and use the plastic twist ties from the dolls packaging to tie their feet on. You can see in the background where I placed some of the JSA, like Dr. Fate, on top of the boxes to raise them up.

  4. Lohness Says:

    Your site is perfect!

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