Return of a Classic Reference Tool

My monthly fix of comics arrived yesterday, thank you DCBS. In among the smattering of things I still buy, Countdown, BoP and the collections, I received this;

Which is the second coming of this;

Even though I’ve had the original edition since it first appeared I ordered the new version for a back-up (the originals pages are yellowing with age and even though I take extremely good care of my books it won’t last many more decades!). I also was suspicious whether they would print everything as it was in the original. I’ve gone through both volumes and every page in the new one is accurate compared to the old copy. The size is slightly reduced but that doesn’t affect the readability or the art.

I did notice a change in the listing of other encyclopedic volumes. In the original this was the listing;

Whereas the new volume only lists the Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman books that were completed and issued. (I have the Superman Encyclopedia, Wonder Woman never interested me enough to get that one.)

Wouldn’t it have been wonderful had Fleisher finished all 8 volumes! I wonder how he would have treated the characters with Golden and Silver Age interpretations?

There was also a price change, the original cost $8.95, the new $19.99. Of course in 1976 a comic was still .25 and now they are $3.00. So I suppose the encyclopedia price hike isn’t that bad!


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