And while I’m thinking about it…

DC Direct has announced their upcoming “SHOWCASE” line of action figures and the figure on the right is the supposed Curt Swan Superman. Close but not quite right. On the left is Composite Superman from the “First Appearance” line. A tip to the sculptors of the “SHOWCASE” line, go back to the person who sculpted Composite Superman! The Superman half is perfect! Just do that to the other side! My specific quibbles on the displayed “SHOWCASE” line image as it stands now; the neck is too thick, the “S” is wrong. I’ve been waiting for a Curt Swan Superman for as long as they started doing particular artists versions of characters. I’ve suffered through countless Ed Benes and other new guy’s versions of Superman. Give us old farts the REAL SUPERMAN!!


3 Responses to “And while I’m thinking about it…”

  1. The face on the “Swan” Superman looks a little grim too, Supes used to be a much more pleasant character when Swan drew him back in the Silver Age.

  2. Good point! Would it kill them to sculpt a smiling Superman?

  3. Curt Swan version of Superman was the most authentic and realistic ever done. This action figure is a disgrace. It’s ironic that the people of DC have licenced
    this figure, completely out of proportion, to commemorate the best anatomicaly correct Superman ever drawn. Certainly Mr. Swan deserved a better interpretation.

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