Drawn to the King

Okay so I missed Kirby Day, it was yesterday, August 29th, my excuse was I was busy reading all the other Kirby tribute posts put up by people who update their comic blogs more regularly than do I. It’s lame but I’m sticking to it.

I love Kirby’s work. I admit I went through that period of growth as a comic fan where I dismissed him as the “old man of comics” when I as a callow high school age youth and was distracted by the flash and dash of the new guys like Neal Adams, Barry Smith (no Windsor then), Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, etc. At that time he had left MARVEL and was beginning his DC 4th World work. I was there. I saw those comics on the spinner racks, looked at them and judged them inferior to his MARVEL work of the previous decade. So why am I now drawn to the seemingly never ending repackaging of the 4th World stuff? Would someone explain that to me?

Here’s an oil painting I did from the Kirby line drawing above.

The line drawing was first publlished in Steranko’s first volume of his “History of Comics” (I wish he had finished that series!) and the title of the Cap chapter was “The American Idol.” I think Stinky should sue ABC or whoever owns the TV show!


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