DCBS Delivery Day

I get what comics I buy these days (except for impulse buys, then I have to go into a store) from Discount Comic Book Service and they ship to me monthly (you can get twice monthly or weekly shipments but that raises the costs). Today was September delivery day

The reprint of The Great Superman Book arrived.

These scans should be in proportion so you can see the size difference. As I mentioned in the review of the Batman volume the smaller size doesn’t really affect the reading of the material.

I flipped through the new version and noticed that the only real omission from the original is the alphabetical guidance at the top of the pages in the 70s edition. In the old version if you open it randomly you can look up at the page top and it will tell you where you are alphabetically in the book, “Myx” or “Reef to Rok.” A small thing but I think an important one.

I also got a month’s worth of Countdown, a title in which I’ve lost interest which is a drawback of the “order ahead of time” theory. The latest collection of the Legion which has become Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes and flipping through that one it looks like it’s the last one, again. Time for another Legion reboot or at least major shift in creative team with Shooter coming back sometime in the future.

Also received the first collection of the relaunch of the Justice Society of America. No matter how I try to get out of buying comics all it really takes is the JSA to drag me back in!

The last thing in this box (and the heaviest, weight and story-wise) is the Brubaker Captain America hardback. An impressive collection of (I’m assuming) all of Brubaker’s writing on the title up until the much ballyhooed #25, plus some extras. I was so looking forward to this one even though I had ordered and received the softcover individual collections right before the massive hardback was solicited then I bought that DVD-ROM GIT set! Now I’ve bought the Brubaker stuff 3 times, not intentionally, just a combination of impatience and ignorance I didn’t know the DVD-ROM set went up that far!).

As nice as this one is it’s probably going up on ebay, as well as the softbacks. I don’t need three versions of this story arc laying around and the DVD takes up no room at all!

10/10/07 Update: Both the hardback and the softcovers have sold off ebay.


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