Coming in January from the House of Re-Tread Ideas

Marvel has posted images of the new Captain America coming out in January. Click on the image for the story on the MARVEL site. But basically, it’s not going to be Steve Rogers, they aren’t saying who’s in the new Alex Ross designed suit. This new version will be carrying a gun, knife and canteen. (The global war on terror is a thirsty business!) My guess is it will be Bucky in the new flexible, oh-so shiny flexible metal costume since the Brubaker run has established Barnes as having been the hard-ass killing machine while Rogers was the “point the newsreel cameras at me while I smash Nazis with my spinning shield and don’t photograph my brightly clad partner who’s slitting their throats in the shadows!” In the article they actually admit that Ross based this design on the costume in the awful serial adaptation of the character from the 40s where he carried a pistol. I predict this will be a side track in Caps history reminiscent of the Death of Superman and the resulting mullet-hell or perhaps the “Electra-Glide in Blue” Superman phase. I’ve been flipping through the “Captain America: The Chosen” issues on the shelves and there you can see Rogers is only mostly dead so sometime in the not so distant future (when sales tank or another “event” is required) old Steve will get up off the table, dust off his scale mail and duke it out with the pretender and his puny pistol.


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