Been to the Store Again

Today I needed to go to my favorite comic shop (the Greenwood location) to retrieve my copy of the Extended DVD Fantastic Four movie from the manager (someone else wants to borrow the documentary disc) and since I feel guilty going into his store and not buying something I went with the intention of obtaining the SHOWCASE WORLD’S FINEST.

When I was very young and new to the comic buying habit I often had to make critical decisions how to spend my allowance and hoarded lunch money. WORLD’S FINEST was often my choice as it had both of my favorite characters (and Robin) contained in one 10¢, then 12¢ package. The same logic was behind my being drawn to group books like Justice League, the Legion of Super-Heroes and after I noticed MARVEL comics the two-in-one titles like TALES OF SUSPENSE, STRANGE TALES, TALES TO ASTONISH and their group books, FANTASTIC FOUR and AVENGERS, etc. I like these SHOWCASE editions but if I thought DC might go the route of MARVEL of allowing large runs of titles to be issued on DVDs I’d drop these phone book reprints in a Flash. That’s what I went in to buy, but I’d read a review of this book on another blog, saw it on the shelf and picked it up as well.

I read the run of 52 and my overall opinion of the series is that the covers are the best things about the comics. I found it entirely too violent in an in-your-face style that I think is inappropriate for comics and an example of lazy storytelling. Implied horror and suggested gore are far more effective, but that’s just me. The popularity of films like SAW, SAW 2, , etc. and the ubiquity of dismembering scenes in other current comics shows me that I’m in the minority. Ah well, these days there are plenty of options for me to relive the older, simpler days of my childhood with phone book editions and DVDs.

There’s a couple of pages in the middle of the book that purports to detail the process of coloring the covers but as an artist who does digital coloring and painting myself I would have liked to have more detail and larger images. The last two progress images below are so close that it takes a magnifying glass to see where anything has changed. And he never mentions what program he uses. I gleaned from the copy that he was doing it digitally but only from clues. Maybe it’s just assumed all cover coloring that’s not Alex Ross is digital.


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