Someone USES these STAMPS!!

My lovely wife works in a corporate environment and her corner of the corporation gets letters. She brought this one home to show me because of the usage of the Fantastic Four stamp. People actually USED this stamp! (The two sheets I bought, one was sent to Canada to my similarly interested Canadian friend, the other went under the clear plastic desk mat on my business desk along with the DC stamps, and all the other special stamp sheets I’ve bought through the years.) Anyway, she brought it to me for the stamp but I also called her attention to the return address, “STARK COMMUNICATIONS” of course I had to explain, “Stark, Tony Stark – Iron Man, get it?” (She was a comic fan but pretty exclusive to DC.)


One Response to “Someone USES these STAMPS!!”

  1. …and that sheet of US superhero stamps is sitting safely locked away in an impenetrable Canadian vault surrounded by rabid guard beavers!

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