Art Asylum Star Trek TOS Dolls

I worked the dealers room at a convention over Thanksgiving Weekend (Yeah, I know – long time ago – what can I say, I’ve been busy!) The dealer next to me had massive amounts of SF TV/Movie dolls! This was my first close-up exposure to the Art Asylum Star Trek dolls. He had a three pack of Kirk, Spock and McCoy that I decided I wanted but he was asking $50 for it. I found it on ebay and got it for about $20 and it was a local guy so no shipping! I have a fumetti in mind involving the Guardian of Forever and the Stargate but who knows when I’ll have the time to waste shooting it so here are the big three from Star Trek TOS meeting up with SG1 on Planet Entertainment Unit!

Spock gives the Vulcan fingers to Carter while Daniel and Bones move to clasp hands and demonstrate “I greet you with no weapons!”

While Kirk shows he’ll pull a weapon on anyone!

Art Asylum is good on everyone but Shatner! His younger face is just hard to capture. I know, I’ve tried to caricature it many times.

Not like Richard Dean Anderson, his doll guys did an excellent job on the face.

Who’s on whose side here?


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