Lt. Cmdr. Scott on Planet Bookcase

After acquiring the ST:TOS “Big Three” as interpreted by Art Asylum I just had to have Mr. Scott, my favorite character! I had to bid on a lot of Mirror Mirror Kirk & Spock and regular Chekov and Sulu to get Scotty but I got lucky again and got them all for less than the Scotty doll alone retailed. (I’ll be putting Chekov, Sulu and Mirror Kirk up on ebay to recoup some of the outlay from these doll purchases!)

In an effort to follow Kirk & Co. through the Guardian Scotty finds himself nowhere near Planet Entertainment Unit! Actually he’s two parsecs (a room and a hallway) away on Planet Library/Exercise Room Bookcase! (Planet Bookcase for short.)

He discovers many interesting life-forms which peak his interest as he scans with his tricorder.

On a lower level he discovers an odd if charming teddy bear-like life form. Whereas humans are carbon-based, Hortas are silicon-based, his tricorder tells him this race is Fimo-based. He does admire his taste in clothing and makes a mental note to suggest some such uniform to StarFleet!

(Actually my lovely and talented wife created this Mr. Scott Hoka from Fimo for me many years ago.)


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