More Alex Ross “Justice” JLA Dolls

After first scorning the Alex Ross “Justice” series of dolls I finally broke down and decided to buy the ones of what I consider the “core” team. By that I mean the members when I read the comic, the first 100 or so issues. (Of that bunch I think Hawkman was the last to join, so he’s the cut-off member.) Anyone after that I dismiss! (Certainly no Captain Marvel or Plastic Man! In my silver-aged opinion they shouldn’t even be in the DC Universe! That’s what the Multiverse was for! Keeping characters in their own unique worlds!) Anyway, of course I waited to start buying them when the first wave had become scarce and pricey on ebay!  After buying individual Superman and Green Lantern dolls DC Direct offered a solicitation for a boxed set of Superman, GL, WW and Batman. The cost of that box set was way way below what I was seeing the individual dolls go for on ebay. So I sold the individual Superman and GL, pre-ordered the box set from Discount Comic Book Service and waited, and waited, and waited. I even had to wait an extra three weeks and had to goose DCBS with an email to get them to ship the set to me (some shipping SNAFU).

Superman looks too mean and Wonder Woman looks too hard and narrow-hipped. And why is the yellow on his chest emblem a yellow-orange?

Generally I like these two.

I’ve posted the Hawkman before but I take this opportunity to again point out how much better the Silver Age helmet from the Hawkman/Hawkgirl box set looks on this figure than the gold “pimp hat” that comes with the doll. Even though that helmet is for a slightly smaller scale figure.


One Response to “More Alex Ross “Justice” JLA Dolls”

  1. Wonderful collection. I wish I had the space to display all my figures. Right now, the DC ones are in a shoebox. I take them out for photo opps.

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