New Manhunter on the Shelf!

This is my set of the “Classic JLA” line-up (see previous postings for my rationale of this bunch). Compare this to very early posts on this blog and you’ll see a new Martian Manhunter on the shelf.

When I was a regular JLA reader the Martian Manhunter didn’t have the overhanging brow ridge, he looked like Lex Luthor (his head at least) colored green. I actually prefer the large browed MM but I wanted a doll for this line-up to reflect the character as he was drawn in those early JLA comics. Along came the “New Frontier” dolls which will probably be the only chance for a human faced J’onn J’onnz so I ordered it. Fortunately the scale was the same as the earlier JLA dolls.

This is the best MM figure, in my silver-aged opinion. But due to the scale difference he doesn’t fit in with the Alex Ross “Justice” line-up (and I don’t like the one that does!) So for the moment this guy is on his own – display-wise.


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