Just-Us League

As I was doing my morning exercises I was noticing how the morning sunlight moves across the action figures on Planet Bookcase. I realized I’ve never shown the Just-Us League Alfred action figures.


5 Responses to “Just-Us League”

  1. I’d never seen those before. They’re cool. Odd, but cool. 😉

  2. There is a Robin and a Green Arrow in the set as well. I don’t have those.

  3. I have the Green Arrow. Sadly, my only one.

  4. The Alfred GL and Flash figures are offered at this writing on ebay for under thirty bucks. Everywhere else I looked (e-retailers) list them as unavailable.

  5. Found Batman and Robin Alfreds (separately) on ebay, very cheap, when I put in Alfred E. Neuman as the search term. The previous was with Just-us League as the search parameter.

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