DCBS Delivery Day – Cap Statue!!

I collect statues as well as action figures but I am much more selective of the cold cast statues I buy. And I have to get them at less than “in the stores” prices being the old cheapskate that I am. Discount Comic Book Service offered a good enough buy on this Avengers cover reproduction statue – Captain America for me to not let it pass. Of course when you order from an online comic retailer (as well as at a shop, now that I think of it) you commit to the purchase then wait months to get it. I suffered immediate and continuous  buyers remorse after placing the order (since I’m trying to not be as self-indulgent this year as last). All the remorse washed away when I saw the actual piece! In my considered opinion this is the best Captain America statue I’ve seen. And by that I mean the best interpretation of Jack Kirby’s Captain America. Actually it’s the first and only Kirby Cap I’ve seen! The Bowen statues are great, I have both versions, but they owe more to the Ron Garney vision of the character.

Butt shot!

I also received the first Millar/Hitch issue of the Fantastic Four. I’ve started reading it but I already know that’s going to need a separate post. I’m having some definite problems with it. Mainly with the art even though I love Hitch’s artwork.


One Response to “DCBS Delivery Day – Cap Statue!!”

  1. This looks great, it makes you wonder why it’s taken so long for someone to try and faithfully recreate some of those iconic dynamic poses that Kirby created for Marvel. I’m sure any buyer remorse would have been if you’d have passed this one up!

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