Kirby: King of Comics

Mark Evanier’s book Kirby: King of Comics is good overview of the career and life of Jack Kirby. If you are a relatively new comic fan or a comic fan of any vintage that is unaware of the saga of Jacob Kurtzberg who made himself into Jack Kirby and thus became the foundation upon which the comic book art business was built then you should, by all means, read and enjoy this book.

If, however, you are like me, someone who has read nearly every book about the history of comics that has been published within the past 40 years, this book will only serve to, with very few exceptions, review what you already know. It was interesting for me to see, for the first time, a photo of Stan Lee and Kirby smiling! After decades of reading about the bad feelings between those two it was a shock to see them both smiling, together, in a photograph.

Evanier has mentioned in his blog his intention to write another exhaustive biography of Kirby. Had I exerted some patience and scanned this first offering in a brick and mortar bookstore I would have waited for the next one. But no – I had to pre-order it from Amazon. Live and learn, (but I’ll probably do the same thing with the next book!)


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