Doll Update!

JAY GARRICK RESTORED!! (replaced, actually)

GA FLash replacement

I happened upon an ebay auction with no reserve, no bids and apparently, no interest from anyone other than myself, for an intact, good shape, Spectre and GA Flash. I won them for a ridiculously low price. Then when they arrived – imagine my dismay to unwrap them and find…

a busted helmet wing! Exactly half the damage done to my original GA Flash doll in that unfortunate Hawkman wing-rage incident! I complained to the seller and he refunded half my purchase price.

And I glued the wing back on! (The original lost wing must have fallen prey to the Ultimate Vacuum menace of 2007!)

While I had the camera out I shot some new arrivals (new, as in months ago – I’ve been busy!)

Since DC Direct offered the last incarnation of the GA Hawkman I decided to make my JSA display into the waning era of the original super-team. Not pictured, but I replaced the original blue hood Atom with the Blue mask, Red Fin version and I have some cunning plans to have a Simon/Kirby style Sandman!

Furthering my quest to have dolls of the DC characters as I think of them I added the “Showcase” Superman and the “All-Star Squad” Batman (which even though he’s supposed to be a Joe Staton version he’s close enough to Dick Sprang to suit me for now!)


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