Watch it – They Must Be Robots!

Months ago (maybe even last year!) I ordered the SG-1 desert assortment. By the time they arrived buyers remorse had set in so I tried to sell them at a science fiction convention. No takers. The thing that turned me against them (other than a grown man buying dolls) was that I hate the Jack O’Neill head! Sculpted-on goggles and a backward worn baseball cap (I hate that – it looks so ignorant!!) Then I came up with a cunning plan (yes, another one!) More on that later.

When I finally broke them out of their packages and set them on the dining room table, the stupid looking O’Neill made a bee-line for the Captain America Mighty Muggs that recently arrived. Chaos ensued…

What really made me order the desert collection was the MALP and transport Rings.

Too bad it doesn’t move!

Imagine my irritation when I realized that two rings, in the packages with Sam and Jonas, do not a full set of ring transports make! Yeah, I could have bought additional rings from Diamond Select Toys if I’d known that! Now, of course, they are sold out.

But, again, I have a cunning plan. May not work but if it does, I’ll show you – later.

The facial work on these dolls are pretty good, although when they fail it’s usually because the faces are too narrow and vertically stretched. I wonder if they use a computer mapping program?

Jonas Quinn resembles the actor but could almost pass for Donald O’Connor. (Those under 45 can leave the room now!)

And in the living room, still exploring Planet Entertainment Unit (or PX 570935 for SG-1) we have Doctors McCoy and Jackson in the Search for Shatner’s Toupee!


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