And we’re back – Star Trek mini review

I liked it!

When you boil it down to essentials that’s all that matters, I enjoyed the movie and may even pay to see it again – before the DVD release, which I may also buy.

I won’t go into a detailed breakdown of the film since, as I write this, it’s still the movie’s first weekend and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has not as yet seen it.

I will however go into a few points of relief and very slight irritations;

I liked all the new cast.

Scotty was always my favorite character in the original series and even though Simon Pegg looks significantly different than James Doohan I really enjoyed his portrayal and will look forward to seeing more of him in the next film, if that happens. (More Scotty, that is – I’m sure there’ll be a new ST 2)

Karl Urban is a great new Bones and I really admire how the writers gave us McCoy’s backstory in one clear, concise passage of dialogue as he and Kirk met one another.

I was really hoping the Corvette in the Chasm scene from the trailer was one of those sequences that was shot for the trailer and would not be in the film.

In the trailer I was irritated by seeing the Enterprise being built planetside. The design of the ship just isn’t aerodynamic enough to get into orbit, but the scene passed so quickly in the movie that it didn’t bother me so much. I was already on board by then.

I was really pleased to see that this was not Kirk and Uhura as I had inferred from the trailer. The relationship they give Uhura is sufficiently weird but not as weird as this would have been.


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