Bring me the head of Tom Baker!

At times I get the urge for a new doll (action figure). After seeing the original string of Doctor Whos were being offered as figures I bothered someone in the U.K. to order them for me. Luckily that didn’t work out because I discovered that would be unnecessarily expensive and an imposition on someone else for my odd urges. Plus I decided that getting them all would be excessive, so I pared it down to my favorite Doctors. Exerting a little patience (not my strongest attribute) I found the 5th Doc at a local SF convention and the 4th (Tom Baker) was offered by a specialty toy shop through Amazon. I’m still considering the 3rd (John Pertwee) and deciding between two versions. Sanity may reassert itself and I may stop with these guys.


3 Responses to “Bring me the head of Tom Baker!”

  1. These action figures are absolutely amazing. I have the first five Doctors covered (inexplicable the 6th and 7th are extremely expensive) and recommend the Sea Devils 3rd Doctor if you are looking for suggestions.

    The Classic Monsters are also outstanding… but I wager you are not looking for suggestions.

    (In case you DO decide to buy some more, this seller is reasonable on price:

    • Thanks. I am leaning toward the Sea Devils Pertwee figure because of the Inverness cloak. The Sea Devil itself doesn’t interest me as I don’t plan on getting the monster/villain figures.

  2. You can always hide the Sea Devil and not tell Pertwee where it is. That way his eyes will bug out when the monster emerges.

    That’s probably a bit more fanciful than you are planning to go, though.

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