I found a great Cap in a Spider-Man floppy!

That is an unusual situation on more than one level.

First, I don’t buy floppies (monthly comics) any longer, preferring to Wait for the Trade. But I had stopped into the closest thing for me to a LCS (local comic store) for an unrelated reason (unrelated to buying comics, I was supposed to draw for the Grand Opening but upon arrival I learned they are still about a month away from the Grand Opening) before leaving I decided to browse the racks to see if there were any story lines I wanted to note for future trade buying.

Second, I don’t usually pay much attention to Spider-Man comics. Just have never been that much of a Spidey fan. But this one caught my attention because of Captain America’s appearance on the cover. (And I am very definitely a Captain America fan!)

And then there was the blurb, “Spidey meets Captain America for the First Time EVER!” Which intrigued me because that would have had to have been something like 46 years ago! And yes it was a new tale telling how they met the first time, face to face, sort of wedged into real life MARVEL continuity. They referenced Avengers Vol. 1 #11 from 1964 where the Avengers battle a robot Spider-Man built by Kang the Conqueror and inevitably defeated by the real Spider-Man. But in this story the “MARVEL 8 year theory” is invoked, which states that whatever MARVEL hero you are reading about, their origin took place approximately 8 years earlier, even if they still reference 40+ years of adventures.

Third, look at this rendering of Captain America;

Classic, old school Captain America! Simple black belt, no brown pouches on the belt, good wide A (not that stenciled version) on his head, real good wings on the side of his hood! I think Kirby would have been pleased! (And there’s a Stan Lee cameo in the bottom right panel of the left hand page.)

And this page, more good Cap rendering with a good juxtaposition of an adult super-soldier sized character to a teen age super hero bug guy! Although I was a little surprised seeing Cap shaking hands with his left, especially since it has the shield strapped on it. And later he’s shown signing something left-handed. I wonder if the artist, Paulo Siqueira, is a lefty? This is the first time I’ve noticed Siqueira’s artwork, although with a bit of internet investigation I realized I have seen a little of his work before but this book really jumped out and grabbed me. If I can find a trade of a character I like drawn by Paulo I’ll buy it!


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