Thinking about Galactus

Last weekend I was at Summit City Comic Con

My table was situated across the aisle from the comic and toy vendors and the toy dealer directly in front of me started to discount things in the last hours (as they will) and I had no resistance to the MARVEL Universe talking Galactus (with, to scale, Silver Surfer) which was originally priced at $80 but I got one for $20. Here it is on  the shelf above my studio cutting table.

Unpacking him and putting him up to start collecting dust got me thinking about reviewing the first appearance of the big G because I was sure I recalled some oddness.

This is one of those photos montages Kirby liked to experiment with back in the sixties, cutting edge stuff at the time, ne can only imagine what they would look like on some decent paper! Mainly I show this because the front of the space ship looking thing next to the word balloon is a photo of a hassock style floor fan! I know because I used to have one in my room at the time I was reading that issue!

Anyway, this is what Galactus looked like when he first stepped out of his ship.

Red and green motif top, sort of Christmasy, then red and brown pants.

Then, next issue, he looked like this!

An overall purple and brown color theme. And he’s switched to a short pants look. I have yet to go back and research it but I’m wondering when they settled on his blue and purple color scheme?

Also in this 3 issue arc I noticed in the letters page some missives from then-fans-soon-to-be-pros.
In issue #48 a letter from Don MacGregor, destined to become one of the wordiest comic scribes I can recall.
Then in #49 a letter from Dave Cockrum, then in the Navy.

And finally, in #50, one from future comic writer/editor/MARVEL EIC Gerry Conway who wnet Hollywood at some point.


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