More Summit City Toy Nonsense

There was an artists table at Summit City Comic Con last weekend (see previous post), and I’m sorry that I can’t recall who they were, that had one of these on their table. Their rationale was that they wanted a “roaming gnome” to take with them to cons and place on their table but when they found this toy Cap they decided he would be even better than the average roaming gnome. I agreed and decided I had to have one being a fairly avid collector of Captain America stuff. No toy dealer in the hall had one that I could see so as soon as I returned to the studio I found it on and ordered it. I won’t be carting it around to the local cons I’ll be at this summer (next one is Derby City in Louisville, KY in July) so I won’t be stealing their star-spangled thunder but once I free him from his box I’ll find a place for him near my work station.

I find it interesting that the box graphics show a “Super-Hero Squad” version of the movie Cap rather than the classic Kirby Cap. So far I’ve resisted getting any of the movie design tie-in figures or toys.


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