Captain America Movie Review

I saw Captain America the second morning of it’s release, the 10:45 AM show, first showing on that Saturday. The theater was very nearly full. I’ve not seen an early morning show this well attended since the Star Trek movie of 2009. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and as the “ultimate Captain America fan who has previously expressed low expectations from comic to film adaptions,” so said a friend of mine, I am very satisfied with all aspects of the movie. Even though I’m not buying much in the way of DVDs these days, film or TV, I will buy this one when it becomes available on DVD. I had read in interviews with Chris Evans that his pre-Cap physique was achieved by digitally shrinking him in post production but also read in newspaper articles the version of digitally sticking his head or face on a smaller body actor. Either way it was effective. The USO performer angle on his origin was plausible and made for an entertaining montage and served to highlight his acceptance later in the film when he proved his worth as a fighting asset. There were changes from the comic version of the origin story but they all made sense in movie terms and in no way diminished the power and patriotism of the character. I don’t think there is any overbearing Americanism in the film to offend the international audiences but I’m not the best judge of that. The tie-ins to the other MARVEL movies are extremely well crafted. The origin of the Cosmic Cube has been changed to be a element from the Thor mythos making it a Norse gods thing rather than something created by A.I.M. but it works. If you see it, pay attention to the scenes early in the film in the World’s Fair type setting and you can see the original Human Torch in his plastic tube. The online people that were touting Easter eggs to look for missed that one.


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