Kokomo Comic Con 2011

Saturday, October 8th,  I spent a great day at the Kokomo Comic Convention.

The Kokomo folks provide great space for the artist alley, lots of room behind the tables for banners and other displays. They also treat us very well during the course of the day with volunteers coming by regularly asking if we need anything.

This is Shawn D. Hilton, front man for the Kokomo Con. I got some photos of him off his Facebook page and used them to do this, my first zombie con sketch (actually my first zombie drawing anywhere!). (I don’t “get” zombies and their huge fan base, but other artists at cons have told me I’m missing out not drawing them.) Shawn wasn’t aware I was doing this piece but I asked him before I started how he felt about zombies. His reply was something like, “I’m fine with zombies, I love zombies.” I put the sketch into the charity auction benefiting the Kokomo Humane Society where I heard that Shawn bought it to keep it from other hands.

The guest of honor was “World Famous Cartoonist Art Baltazar.” Artie is an exclusive DC Comics artist responsible, along with Franco, “The Tiny Titans” which is a kid’s comic and wonderfully serves a market section of the comic world that I think is grossly ignored. The comics profession is jumping through all sorts of hoops with events and relaunches trying to get new readers into comics. You get new readers by starting them in comics as soon as they can ask for things! They need comics that parents can read to them. Comics that have entertaining, fun, clear drawings that the kids can enjoy even without a grownup to read to them.

This is a drawing I did as a gift to Artie in appreciation for his highly entertaining AW YEAH podcast he does with Franco and John Siuntres. Within that podcast Artie expounds on his obsession with TV talk show hostess Wendy Williams.

It took awhile for the attendees to decide they wanted my caricatures so I only had time to do these, but that allowed me time to do the drawings shown above so that’s okay.

This young man wanted to be an original X-Man with water powers.

This young lady initially wanted to be drawn as Amy Pond from Dr. Who but I told her to convey that I’d have to straighten her lovely curly hair and put her in a mini-skirt. She liked the mini-skirt idea but not the hair change so she opted for River Song, in a mini-skirt. Which I was happy to do.

This was another first, doing zombie drawings of another artist’s characters. I was positioned across the side aisle from Rodney Fyke, who has a comic book he writes and draws, “Peanut, Puddin’ n’ Jelly” which are the name of these three characters. For reasons that escape me (see zombie comment above) he wanted to see his guys as zombies and after seeing my Shawn drawing he asked me to do it. It was fun! Thanks Rodney!

The last subject was a young girl who wanted to be drawn as a cheerleader in her school colors.

Great convention Shawn & Co. I look forward to next year!


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