Pandoracon 2012

Last weekend Barbara and I went to Blue Ash, OH (a suburb of Cincinnati, OH) for the first Pandoracon. The theme was Doctor Who and Steampunk.

There was the usual SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) panel.

And there were plenty of Steampunk costumes all over the convention all weekend.

I like the weapons, made from scratch and those altered from things like Nerf guns.

And there were guests. This is Jason Carter who played Ranger Marcus Cole on Babylon 5;

This is Travis Richey, who played Inspector Spacetime on the NBC sitcom Community and is playing a “very” similar character on An Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.

There was a Doctor Who photo shoot for all those costumed as the Doctor or other Who-related costumes.

And the Tardis was there for other photo ops. Barbara and I did a bit in the way of steampunk costuming. She created her hats from scratch, I pretty much grabbed what I thought might work out of my closet and bought some other items in the dealers room.

The Dealers Room.

And the costume contest.

And while the votes were tallied, they danced.

All in all very enjoyable. It was the first convention we’ve been to as just attendees in a long time. Next I will try and get a table to do caricatures.


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